“Cars” was released in the US in February of 1980, just over 40 years ago. That song is more responsible for my obsession with synthesizers than any other. In particular, the Polymoog Vox Humana preset used on the Model 280a which remains one of the greatest sounds I’ve ever heard. It also has the ability to immediately transport me back in time.

Alex Ball released his Polymoog video just in time to celebrate the 66th birthday of none other than Gary Numan. You can watch that below.

I’ve mentioned before how synthesizers sounded like the future to me and they still do. Gary Numan’s music was a major contributor to that sensation. Looking back, I remember other drummers were still playing along with Led Zeppelin and/or Kiss. Meanwhile, I was drumming along with “Cars” and completely fascinated by the sounds.

So, on this day, I say thank you to Gary Numan for the inspiration and great music. I can honestly say it changed me and how I perceived music.