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Kevin Hartnell


Latest News

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Kevin Hartnell / Overlook Hotel Records

Freelance Composer · Producer · Podcast Editor · Sound Designer · Photographer

Kevin Hartnell is from Cincinnati, Ohio. Having grown up in a family of drummers, he began an early professional career as a musician and session drummer. This led to teaching drums and percussion for fifteen years while touring and providing workshops for musicians in the United States, Europe, and Scandinavia. He is the primary composer for the multi-award-winning horror anthology, Campfire Radio Theater, which quietly celebrated over 1 million downloads in 2019. His work has been used in film, commercials, plays, games, instructional videos, and podcasts. Kevin is the owner of the indie label Overlook Hotel Records.

Overlook Hotel Records.

Overlook Hotel Records was founded in 1999 in Cincinnati, Ohio by Kevin Hartnell with a focus on Electronic Rock and Dark Wave/Dark Ambient music.

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