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July 2013

Drum Injuries: Drumming Is Dangerous!

Drum Injuries: Drumming Is Dangerous! I'll start from the beginning...from birth, but first, a disclaimer. This long-winded blog is not intended for personal use or to be taken internally, nor is it to be used as instructional material. Some of the information contained therein is purely conjecture, wildly inaccurate, highly improbable, and  even possibly a lie. Some of the stories are based on actual events. Names have been changed to protect the guilty innocent. If you have a drum solo that lasts longer than four hours, seek immediate medical attention. The oldest joke about raising children may be that they......

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Before After Again: A New Music Side Project

Before After Again: A New Music Side Project

Before After Again is a new music side project I am working on with Jason Whitcomb. Jason is also one of the Bile Brothers from our Cambium project. Before After Again is influenced by electronic, darkwave, coldwave, and post-punk sounds, just to name a few genres.

Jason and I started working on music together a couple of years ago. Since then, we have accumulated quite a few songs in our catalog. Some of our songs ended up on the Cambium album released by Overlook Hotel Records, while others are part of The Replicon Project. While we currently do not have a release date set, I have a feeling that there is already more than enough material for a full-length album of Before After Again songs.

To give you an idea of what it sounds like, have a listen to “Allison’s Gone” first. It represents the darker side of the band’s sound.

“Akron” reveals our heavier side that incorporates guitars into the mix.

I will post an update as things move forward. We have really enjoyed working on all of this new material and hope you like the new songs!

Thanks for listening,

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