It was ten years ago today that my music first appeared on Campfire Radio Theater. I remember hearing the show such a long time ago, really enjoying it, and wanting to be a part of it. So, I sent John some music to see if he might be interested. Thankfully, he was. As it turns out, John and I are also superfans of Nightfall, a CBC radio drama from the early 80s. That alone was enough to convince me he was alright in my book.

The first episode my music appeared in is called “The Philadelphia Xperiment” and was released on Sunday, May 11, 2014. Since then, I’ve released seven volumes of “The Sounds of Nightmares: Music Composed for Campfire Radio Theater” totaling 302 tracks, not counting some of the outtakes and tracks that were shelved for various reasons. It has been an absolutely blast creating music for such a great show. From writing music for an ice cream truck to a carnival carousel piece, from a Civil War drum & fife tune to Christmas music, from a 50s novelty parody pastiche to Celtic folk and so much more, it has always been an entertaining challenge.

For a kid raised on horror films of the 70s & 80s and horror audio dramas from Nightfall and CBS Radio Mystery Theater, Campfire Radio Theater has been one of the best parts of my entire musical career. It is something I have truly cherished and thank John Scott Ballentine for bringing me on board all those years ago.

The episode that inspired me to work with Campfire Radio Theater.
The first episode my music appeared in for Campfire Radio Theater.
The latest episode of Campfire Radio Theater.
My personal favorite episode of Campfire Radio Theater.

John took the rough outline of a story I had and turned it into an absolutely horrifying nightmare that became my favorite episode. The concept of the story is one that has haunted me for as long as I can remember. On top of that, he landed Jared Rivet to play the lead. Jared is a fantastic actor, so when he agreed to be a part of the show, I was ecstatic! Jared played the role of Tony Itch in the incredible five-part horror story “After the Haunting” by Earbud Theater. It is a personal favorite and one I revisit from time to time to immerse myself in. Press the play button below and check it out!

Honorable Mention

Night Delivery is a beautiful tribute to the 80s and encapsulates such a great vibe that blends horror and a twisted sort of romance. It remains a personal favorite with excellent acting, particularly the wonderful chemistry between the two lead characters played by Rish Outfield and Blythe Haynes.