Campfire Radio Theater – “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”

Months ago, John told me about a story he had been working on for quite some time. When he described it to me, I was really excited to hear how it would turn out, especially with his sound designing skills. Once he sent over the scenes, I knew the fantastic sound design was a big feature of the story, so the score had to illuminate that or stay out of the way. I kept it relatively simple and John made a few tweaks to create the final edit. The solid cast and well-written script round things out to make this a really strong episode.

“What terror lies below the depths…”
Wrestling with his own inner demons, the captain of a nuclear submarine must face the haunting prospect of a world perhaps beyond the brink of annihilation as well as a ghostly spectre tracking them in the abyss

Warning: Explicit language and frightening situations.

Written, directed, and produced by John Ballentine


Original music score by Kevin Hartnell

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