Back in the 80s, I had a chance to see Triumph, but the real excitement was to see Mountain. They were raw, powerful, and soulful. At some point in the show, Corky Laing threw a cymbal (stand and all) at Leslie West. Leslie managed to catch the stand and whip it right back into the drum kit. For the intro to “Mississippi Queen,” they rolled out a cowbell that was probably 6-7 feet tall. Leslie inspired many musicians over the decades with his great riffs and tasty guitar work. On top of that, what a voice!

Interesting side notes about Mountain: The bass player was murdered by his ex-wife. Leslie lost his leg to diabetes. They played Woodstock. They had a couple of gold records over the course of their career that spanned from 1969 – 2010.

R.I.P. Leslie West

Mountain - ``Never In My Life``

— Never In My Life

Mountain - ``Theme For An Imaginary Western``

— Theme For An Imaginary Western