Gary Numan “Love Hurt Bleed” Remix Contest

Recently, Gary Numan judged a remix contest for his new song “Love Hurt Bleed.” I entered a Rodin Coil remix for fun and enjoyed working with his original stem files which sounded fantastic. While not a winner (I had no expectations of such), I did get over 400 plays and some positive feedback. My mix could have been a lot better. I did slow it down and make it a bit heavier with a nasty vibe.

There were some great entries and this is my favorite out of the remixes.

Here is the original mix for reference.

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While not a big fan of remixing in general, sometimes I enjoy re-envisioning a song I like into what I hear inside my head (not to be confused with the sound of marbles rolling around). It can also be an educational experience, not to mention insightful when you place the stems under the microscope (your DAW).

While it would have been great to win the Komplete package, I enjoyed the process and learned along the way.