Fall Foliage 2013

It’s that time of year in Cincinnati where we generally have a beautiful display of fall foliage. Over the last few days, the colors have been very vivid and the weather quite good. I decided to grab my camera and head out for my annual leaf shoot. I have been shooting fall leaves almost annually for years and really enjoy it. Ohio is a great place for those who enjoy leaf peeping and photography.

On my short list of places to visit was Ault Park. Ault Park has a great garden/arboretum worth checking out. The park is loaded with a diverse collection of trees, flowers, and a lot of room to walk around.

I also took a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. Aside from the animals, you can see an impressive botanical garden (and beautiful leaves). Hop on the train and enjoy the ride while you are there. Watch out for attack ducks though. They have been known to swallow tourists whole while honking out morse code for “Who Dey!” (never thought I would EVER say…er, type those words) Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the colorful season and great fall weather while it lasts…which could be around another ten minutes or so, give or take a week or two.

On to the photos…