Trinity & Triage – “Trinity & Triage”

Born from the songwriting of Ralph Feetham, then later joined by Deanna Quijada and Kevin Hartnell, Trinity & Triage began working on their first demo together (“Scorn”) back in 2011.

Trinity & Triage encapsulates a blend of progressive, psychedelic, indie, folk, world, and retro rock sounds.

Trinity & Triage is:

Deanna Quijada · Vocals, Lyrics
Ralph Feetham · Guitars, Bass, Synths
Kevin Hartnell · Drums, Percussion, Synths, B3, Mellotron, Harmonium, Guitars, Bass

Jason Whitcomb · Synths on “Synaptic Edge”

Cover art painting by Deanna Quijada

All songs by Trinity & Triage
Produced by Kevin Hartnell and Trinity & Triage

Mixed by Kevin Hartnell and mastered by Hector the Rat at the Overlook Hotel

Available on:

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Trinity & Triage – “Trinity & Triage

Release Date : January 1, 2014
Artist : Trinity & Triage
Genres : alternative rock, ambient, folk, progressive folk, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, Rock
Catalog ref. : R237-008
Format : Digital Download