The Three Minstrels – “The Three Minstrels”

Many thanks to Ann May for her lovely backing vocals and to Alii Bartoldus for the beautiful artwork.

What began as a fun challenge of writing songs inspired by artists\styles that we enjoy turned into this disparate collection of tunes I am very proud of. I would like to personally thank Andrew and Joe for years of great music, inspiration, fun challenges, patience & understanding, sharp wit, and for teaching me quite a few things along the way. – Kevin Hartnell

The Three Minstrels are:

Andrew May · Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Percussion, ▲
Joe Bartoldus – Guitars, Keys, , Percussion, Vocals
Kevin Hartnell · Drums, Percussion, Bass, Keys, Vocals

Special Guests:

Ann May – Backing Vocals, Spoken Words on “Tornado”
MJ Hartnell – Spoken Words on “The Witch’s Shadow”

All songs written by The Three Minstrels.
Produced and arranged by Kevin Hartnell and The Three Minstrels.

Mixed by The Three Minstrels and mastered by Hector the Rat at the Overlook Hotel.

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The Three Minstrels – “The Three Minstrels”

Artist : The Three Minstrels
Genres : classic rock, folk rock, psychedelic rock, Rock
Catalog ref. : R237-012
Format : Digital Download