Before After Again – “Before After Again”

Before After Again is:

  • Jason Whitcomb · Vocals, Backing Vocals, Synths, Drum Programming, Bass, Guitars
  • Kevin Hartnell · Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitars, Synths, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals

Special Guests: Ty Whitcomb – Guitar on “Faux Devox” and Vic Bonato – Piano on “Core”

Mixed by Kevin Hartnell.
Mastered by Hector The Rat.
Produced by Before After Again.

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Before After Again – “Before After Again”

Release Date : January 1, 2020
Genres : dark wave, darkwave, electronic, electronic rock, eletro rock, industrial, post punk
Catalog ref. : R237-018b
Format : Digital Download