Victor Bonato – “This Christmas Eve”

Vic and I have been working on music together for around 11 years or so. You may have heard him on the Cambium release or some of the singles I’ve posted over the years. He’s a wonderfully gifted composer and writes his own brand of music. The first time I heard his work, it struck me as theatrical, odd, and entirely wonderful. It was a bit rough around the edges back then, but so enticing in a mad musical scientist way that pulled me right in. I knew I wanted to work with him and be a part of his creative vision. This particular track is his first and only Christmas song as well as being a departure from his usual body of work. Being as it’s been a rough couple of years for everyone, sharing Vic’s positive message seems like a good idea to me. Roll down the windows, crank up the volume, and enjoy a bit of rock and roll Christmas spirit.