Saltanath 888 Artwork Final

Saltanath – 888

On January 23, 2021, Overlook Hotel Records released Saltanath – “888,” the third album produced for Antoni Tashev. Overlook Hotel Records has been working with Antoni over the last ten years, since he was a mere 15 years old! Now having relocated to London, he continues his search to assemble a band in which to perform his works live. His unique virtuosity has left me in awe since the first time I heard his playing. I’ve never heard anything quite like his style in my life and his compositions remain such a wonderful treat for the ears, watching as they unfold.

While his projects may be listed under progrock or progressive rock, they have cinematic elements, touches of metal, traditional folkoric vibes, classical music, and classic rock passages that bring it all together into a mind-bending trip. I’m proud to be a small part of bringing Antoni’s body of work to the ears of people looking for something to immerse themselves into while seeking musical refuge.