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Podcast Recommendation: Roommate From Hell

“Hell Is Full. Bea is an ancient demon who fought in the epic war against the tyrant god Yahweh. Claire works in…business. They’re roommates in a fourth-floor walkup in Slope Hill, Brooklyn.”

It is estimated that there are over 700,000 podcasts and 29 million episodes available for listening. If every one of them was only a minute long, it would take roughly around 3/4 of the average human life of 79 years to listen to all of them. That surely sounds like hell to me! Fortunately, buried within that heaping agglomeration of audio recordings lie quite a few gems worth digging for. “Roommate From Hell” is one such gem. If you are wondering if it’s a good fit for you, check out the list below.

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  • Do you enjoy comedies with a tiny splatter of horror?
  • Ever wonder what would happen if an atheist and a demon were roommates?
  • Do you enjoy old-fashioned blasphemy and colorful expletives?
  • Do you enjoy finding hidden goodies in the sound design?
  • Do you consider “The Grimoire of Pope Honorius” to be light reading?
  • Do you have high expectations on the writing, acting, and production in a podcast?
  • Do you have five hours, seventeen minutes, and thirty-three seconds to spare? Binge the entire first season and supplemental material!


The show was a pleasant surprise for me. I found it to be quite clever and very funny with plenty of twists and surprises along the way. “Lost In The Ikeabrynth” is a favorite episode and I love the voicemail segments, but I recommend listening to the entire run in order. For those who may be curious who is responsible for this highly entertaining series, Levi Sharpe tweeted the following images of some of the cast and crew.

“Roommate From Hell” is written by Nick Douglas and Tim Mucci and stars Serena Berman as Claire and Natalie Walker as Bea. Check them out on the web at