Plassgard Decade In Despair Artwork

Plassgard – “Decade In Despair”

I began collaborating with Anders over ten years ago. “Ballet of the Mechanical Doll” is the first track I worked on and absolutely fell in love with the song. Anders is a terrific songwriter and has a knack for writing such haunting melancholy tunes. “Decade In Despair” is filled with 18 tracks we have worked on together spanning over ten years. It took quite a long time to assemble this album and I hope I’ve done it justice. We have worked on one other album together called Elektrik Warfare released back on October 1, 2018. Anders is not only a great musician and songwriter, but he is also an excellent photographer, visual artist, and urban explorer.

Have a listen to “Decade In Despair” and let the songs take you on a trip!

Thank you for listening!