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Earth Break: A Few Suggestions For Survival, With Additional Hints and Tips About How to Make Yourself More Comfortable During the Alien Apocalypse

“After everyone she’s ever known was killed in an alien invasion, Lynn Gellert (Jenny Slate) might be the last person left on Earth. Her constant and only companion is the voice recorder she managed to salvage from her mother’s house. As symptoms of a strange illness seem to set in, Lynn comes to terms with her mortality, only to realize that she’s not sick, she’s pregnant. Lynn is not a survivalist, or even good at camping, but somehow she has to find what it takes to confront a dangerous and uncertain future. Earth Break is written by Morgan Ormond. Starring Jenny Slate. Directed by Aaron Katz. Earth Break is presented by Skylark Media.”

Skylark Media (Blackwood, American Hysteria) have released their latest podcast, Earth Break (a six-episode, post-apocalyptic story), today starring Jenny Slate. It utilizes the hand-held recorder trope, but the quality and sound is solid. Slate’s performance is strong with her humor intact, not to mention a “Scarface” level of profanity that is endearing and funny. A trailer and the first two episodes are available for streaming now. Recommended for fans of sci-fi, post-apocalyptic entertainment.