(Photos: Copyright Endeavor Audio)


On March 19th, Endeavor Audio released the first episode of “Blackout,” a new podcast produced by Endeavor Audio & QCODE. The show stars Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody, Mr. Robot, Until Dawn) as Simon Itani, a small town radio DJ trying to protect his family after the power grid goes down. Currently, the first three episodes of eight are available, with the remaining episodes to be released on Tuesdays.

Being a fan of science fiction, horror, post-apocalyptic stories, and dystopian works, I had to give the series a listen. So far, I have really enjoyed the story, acting, and sound design in particular and look forward to hearing the rest of the series unfold. The story was written by Scott Conroy (Analytica, Embeds).

Listen by following the links below.