Campfire Radio Theater – “Ties of Blood” (pt. 1&2)

“Ties of Blood” has been one of my favorite stories to work on. I had recently picked up the Novachord & Solovox releases from Cherry Audio and new that those would be a great way to create a blend of B-Movie retro sounds mixed with some contemporary touches. As with all of the episodes I have worked on, they all come with interesting challenges. As always, John created a beautiful sound designed world to drop the music into. The cast were absolutely fantastic and one of the highlights for me is the chemistry between Jared and Tracy. This story has been very popular thus far with people requesting more stories with these characters.

“All the freaks come out before daybreak.” A rash of abductions in the small community of Red Hill leads a young woman to suspect her mysterious nocturnal neighbor might be hiding a sinister side.

“All predators aren’t created equal.” Nikki’s inquisitive instincts lead her into a dangerously precarious situation as the mystery of the Red Hill Abductions deepens.

Warning: Explicit language and graphic content.

Written, directed, and produced by John Ballentine


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