Campfire Radio Theater – “The Bones of Saint Nicholas”

John Ballentine presents a wonderfully twisted Christmas story, not to mention a wonderful musical challenge for me, in the latest episode of Campfire Radio Theater. Being a fan of “Silent Night Deadly Night” (especially the score) made this project even more fascinating to work on. There is something about blending holidays and horror together that is intriguing, especially when that holiday happens to be Christmas. This episode also features Dani Aviles, someone I have collaborated on various music projects over the last 10+ years. She provides her usual high-quality vocals on a new arrangement of “O Holy Night” as well as voicing the character of Kate. I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year!

Emotionally devastated in the wake of a bitter divorce, an exhausted single mother comes face to face with a sinister mall Santa intent on delivering a twisted Christmas miracle.

Warning: Contains explicit language and graphic content.

Written, directed, and produced by John Ballentine


  • Melissa Medina
  • Joe Stofko
  • Amelia Hicklin
  • Dani Aviles
  • Graham Rowat
  • Mary Murphy
  • Original music score by Kevin Hartnell

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