Campfire Radio Theater – “Last Resort”

The latest episode of Campfire Radio Theater comes from a story outline I shared with John quite awhile back. He did a fantastic job turning it into something quite horrific, which comes as no surprise. I’ve been cooking up stories for years, but I tend to prioritize music over writing stories, so those remain unfinished for now. “Last Resort” is a perfect title for the story (something else John is quite good at creating). As a musician, I played my first professional gig in 1978, just a few weeks after turning twelve years old. In those early years as a gigging musician, I had some crazy experiences, including witnessing some horrific things as well.

Trigger Warning (gore) and potential spoilers ahead! While driving home from a gig one night, we drove past an accident scene on a remote country road where a van had wrecked. The windshield had been destroyed where it appeared that someone had been ejected (entirely or partially). There was blood on the glass and down the front of the van. You don’t forget something like that. There were other incidents and New Year’s Eve remains a night I prefer not to drive or be out at all. The accident I mentioned played a part in the story I shared with John. I recall the old bars and clubs we played at that have since been closed or torn/burned down, and the many people who have long since passed away. Those memories and “ghosts” have stuck with me over the decades. Special thanks to Bill Gray and the entire crew behind the CBC series “Nightfall” for decades of inspiration and so many wonderful stories that was a catalyst for our foray into audio drama. For those that like the song “Endless Sky” used in the new episode, you can find it on all of the usual places. Spotify link is below.

Composer side note: Campfire Radio Theater owes quite a lot to the incredible CBC radio series “Nightfall” as you may already know. John and I used to listen to the show as teenagers back in the early 80s. This episode has a very Nightfall vibe to it, so I created a few pieces of music as a small tribute to Klaus Weiss. His music was used in the “Nighfall” series.

In the midst of a surreal dreamlike reality, a broken, flawed man relives the last drunken hours of his life in pursuit of an elusive perfect moment from his past as he hurtles headlong on a collision course with fate.

Warning: Contains explicit language and frightening situations.

Written, directed, and produced by John Ballentine from a story by Kevin Hartnell


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