Campfire Radio Theater – “Gerald”

I am proud to announce the latest episode of Campfire Radio Theater. “Gerald” was written by Bill Gray and originally produced for Nightfall (CBC) in 1982. With kind permission from Bill, Campfire Radio Theater has produced a new adaptation of his excellent story. Admittedly, there have been many setbacks over the last couple of years, so it took much longer than ever expected to complete. Despite the obstacles, this is the second episode I have produced with John and had a wonderful time putting it all together.

Warning: Contains explicit language and frightening situations.

From the audio play by Bill Gray
Adapted by John Ballentine
Directed and produced by Kevin Hartnell and John Ballentine

James Hicklin
Rish Outfield
Blythe Haynes
Jack Kincaid
Owen Bevan
MJ Hartnell
Joe Stofko
Christina Alfieri

Original music score by Kevin Hartnell

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Amid an atmosphere of growing hysteria, a small town minister is determined to get to the bottom of a series of unspeakable crimes just as his young son, Gerald, comes under the influence of a not-so imaginary friend.