Campfire Radio Theater – “Death and Alchemy”

It’s that time of year again! The leaves begin to fall, the temperature drops, the stench of pumpkin spice permeates the air, and horror podcasts scramble to release their wares! Fortunately for you, dear listener, Campfire Radio Theater is there to satisfy your horror entertainment needs! The latest episode, “Death and Alchemy,” was written by Patrick Moody.

Warning: Contains graphic content and frightening situations not suitable for younger audiences.

Adapted from the short story “The Doctor in the Dungeon” by Patrick Moody

Adapted, directed and produced by John Ballentine

Owen Bevan
Karim Kronfli
Erika Sanderson
Rish Outfield
Robert Cudmore.

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An obsessive doctor unleashes dark elemental forces in a mad quest to resurrect the dead in Victorian London.