Campfire Radio Theater – “Abominations”

A brand new episode of Campfire Radio Theater has just been released to give you a fright. Please do have a listen, preferably in the dark somewhere that is very quiet. Bonus points for listening with headphones while alone.

Composer side note: This episode presented a fun challenge of writing a piece of carousel music. Thanks to John Scott Ballentine for always providing me with entertaining challenges as a composer.

A small town carnie with big ambitions is spooked and intrigued by the uncanny abilities of a mysterious old man living under the carnival fairgrounds.

Warning: Contains explicit language and graphic content.

Written, directed, and produced by John Ballentine


  • Owen McCuen
  • Jack Kincaid
  • Shelby Sessler
  • Blaine Hicklin
  • Nichole Goodnight
  • Mary Murphy
  • Mike Fox
  • Original music score by Kevin Hartnell

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