Before After Again After Cover Art

Before After Again – “Again”

On August 13th, we released the second album from Before After Again. “Again” features 11 tracks of darkwave, electro-rock, post-punk influenced music written by Jason Whitcomb and produced by Before After Again. The album continues to receive very positive feedback! “Sweet Candy” and “VWS” are the current standout tracks garnering the most attention.

Working on the album was an absolute pleasure and came together relatively quickly for us. Fortunately, the archives run deep with many tracks to choose from for future development of a subsequent release. I have also discussed a solo album project featuring Jason’s more stripped-down synth tracks. Hopefully we’ll be able to get that together sooner rather than later. We hope you’ll enjoy listening to the new album and consider sharing it, adding it to your playlists, and checking out the videos.

Thank you for listening!