Before After Again: A New Music Side Project

Before After Again: A New Music Side Project

Before After Again is a new music side project I am working on with Jason Whitcomb. Jason is also one of the Bile Brothers from our Cambium project. Before After Again is influenced by electronic, darkwave, coldwave, and post-punk sounds, just to name a few genres.

Jason and I started working on music together a couple of years ago. Since then, we have accumulated quite a few songs in our catalog. Some of our songs ended up on the Cambium album released by Overlook Hotel Records, while others are part of The Replicon Project. While we currently do not have a release date set, I have a feeling that there is already more than enough material for a full-length album of Before After Again songs.

To give you an idea of what it sounds like, have a listen to “Allison’s Gone” first. It represents the darker side of the band’s sound.

“Akron” reveals our heavier side that incorporates guitars into the mix.

I will post an update as things move forward. We have really enjoyed working on all of this new material and hope you like the new songs!

Thanks for listening,


Cambium – “Let’s Send A Signal” is finally released!

Cambium -

Cambium – “Let’s Send A Signal”

We are pleased to announce that Cambium – “Let’s Send A Signal” on Overlook Hotel Records is available as a free download on Bandcamp! “Let’s Send A Signal” contains fourteen tracks of original music created in our secret laboratory.

Vic, Jason, Mike, Mat, and I spent a year writing, recording, mixing, and throwing hammers around in a grand effort to bring you something special! Do you like your rock with synths? Perhaps you prefer your synths with guitars. Maybe you are like me and enjoy a very diverse array of musical styles, sometimes across the same album, or maybe even throughout the course of the same song.

What does it sound like? I’ve heard “future retro” thrown out there, but I have no idea what that means! Press the play button below and decide for yourself. Please share our link, “like” us on Facebook, follow our Twitter account, and enjoy some new music from Cambium!


Cambium – “Let’s Send A Signal” Coming Soon!

Cambium BannerCambium – “Let’s Send A Signal”

Cambium is one of the latest projects I have been working on with some extremely talented friends of mine.  We’ve spent the last year writing, tweaking, editing, mixing, and finally mastering our new album. “Let’s Send A Signal” will be released in just two short days on Overlook Hotel Records. Cambium merges hard rock, electro-rock, darkwave, post-punk, and indie rock into a highly melodic and powerful listening experience. I am very proud of our hard work and look forward to sharing it with everyone.

Here are two singles from the record, which will be available at as well as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many other locations.

“Let’s Send A Signal”



The Replicon Project: A Tribute To Gary Numan

The Replicon Project: A Tribute To Gary Numan

The Replicon Project: A Tribute To Gary Numan

I have been extremely busy the last couple of years working on music.  There are at least eight different recording projects in various stages of development. I recently produced and released The Replicon Project. It is a collection of eighteen songs inspired by Gary Numan.

The Replicon Project is a collaboration featuring musicians from the United States, Canada, Australia, England, France, and Scotland. The Replicon Project is available as a free download at BandCamp. Rather than paying us for the music, we would love for you to please consider making a donation to The National Autistic Society (UK).

Have a listen. I hope you enjoy the music. Thanks!