The Antoni Tashev Project Is Released!

The Antoni Tashev Project Is Released!

Overlook Hotel Records released The Antoni Tashev Project today! When I first started working on the project, Antoni was sixteen and played way beyond his years. He began playing guitar at a very young age. Studying classical guitar, folkloric/traditional music, and 70s rock truly inspired this incredibly talented guitarist to create his very own brand of music. I am honored to be a part of this album and hope you will enjoy the music as much as I have.

Antoni Tashev

You will hear some unique guitar work accented by wild bends, vibrato, and a strong ear for melody and harmony. Don’t let the fact that it is a collection of instrumental songs convince you that it’s a guitar solo-riddled wankfest. In fact, quite the contrary. Antoni focuses on melody and the interplay of the instrumentation. When I was his age, I was playing in a cover band and completely clueless without having written anything worth listening to, so hearing what he has accomplished already shows me just how much time I have wasted. It also inspires me to work harder and to keep hammering away at creating music because I love it. Antoni told me how he was inspired by legendary guitarists like Peter Green and Jimmy Page. While you may hear hints of these artists in his work, he is a complete original.

Please give The Antoni Tashev Project a listen. You can stream or download it for free at Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Trinity & Triage - Travel By Whale

Trinity & Triage Release New Track

Trinity & Triage Release New Track – “Travel By Whale”

“Travel By Whale” is the first new track to be released by Trinity & Triage since the debut self-titled album in 2014. The band has widely been labeled as a “progressive folk” trio. Trinity & Triage has also been embraced by the Prog Rock community and continues to pop up around the web on various blogs, forums, and music sites. The Overlook Hotel Records studio remains to be rebuilt, so progress on the new album has been slow. The good news is that things should pick up quickly this summer. Another positive note is that quite a bit of new material was already recorded and is in various stages of development.

In the interim, Deanna continues painting and working on various art projects, Ralph has recorded a large number of tracks as potential candidates for future Trinity & Triage songs, and I have been taking care of a baby boy who is now eight months old. I also have a studio to build this summer.

Having said all that, please have a listen to the new song and let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.

Kevin Hartnell
Overlook Hotel Records





Trinity & Triage is:
Deanna Quijada · Vocals
Ralph Feetham · Guitars, Bass, Synths
Kevin Hartnell · Drums, Bass, Synths



Trinity & Triage Released : Overlook Hotel Records

Trinity-and-Triage-Banner_with_logo_outline-620x114Trinity & Triage released on Overlook Hotel Records

After a little over two years of work, the first collection of songs by Trinity & Triage was released on Overlook Hotel Records on January 1, 2014. Described as a progressive folk meets psychedelic/indie rock band, the origins of T&T began with songwriter, Ralph Feetham (Islington, London). Feetham’s unique style and sound on acoustic guitar drives a majority of the music behind this 11-song set.

Trinity & Triage also features the exquisite vocal work of Deanna Quijada. The wide dynamic range of the material is the perfect playground for Quijada’s vocal acrobatics. The first track on the collection is appropriately titled “Surreal.” “Surreal” hints at 60s and 70s rock with a modern sensibility. The track brings to mind bands like Badfinger and The Strawbs if fronted by the love child of Kate Bush, Yma Sumac, Diamanda Galas, and Nena Hagen.

For fans of Deanna Quijada’s cover art, here is the original painting.

Trinity & Triage painting by Deanna Quijada ©2014

©2014 Deanna Quijada

Trinity & Triage contains a very interesting assemblage of instruments used to create the unique sound on this collection of recordings. Traditional instrumentation such as acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, drum kit, B3, and vocals are combined with Mellotron, clavichord, harmonium, sitar, and a colorful assortment of percussion instruments. “All At Sea” is a good example of many of the aforementioned items.

Trinity-and-Triage-Logo_medium“We Won’t Say Goodbye” features Feetham’s tasty acoustic guitar work blended with B3, clavichord, Mellotron, and beautiful vocal harmonies. The dream-like ending leaves you reeling in nostalgia, introspection, longing, and hopeful that you will wake up with another chance to take in the warm rays of the sun.

Trinity-and-Triage-Logo_mediumThe self-titled collection of songs also reveals a heavier side. Songs like “Cathedral” and “Those Who Leave” hint at shades of Deep Purple meets Gang Of Four.

“Three Sisters,” like “All At Sea,” draws from traditional folk music influences, yet with a unique approach that is all Trinity & Triage.

Three were the sisters
And he wanted one for his bride
The one who was pretty
As ever, did first catch his eye

So she was
A beautiful sight
But a jungle-cat
So gold were her eyes
They scared him…
So he passed her by

The next wasn’t pretty
But he liked the way she did smile
Like a surrender
And bended her hands like a child
But he wasn’t certain she was the best to be
When he closed that door, he bolted it tightly

Like the deepest, darkest water
Number three, a veil covered
Did he swoon with love?
Does rise the sun?
How he loved the one
Sweet as a sad song

Three were the sisters,
But only were two who did want him
One for his riches
The other, just ‘cause he’d arrived
But Melancholia could not so abide
She closed the door, and turned out the light

(Open, give me what I like)
Are we alone here?
(Fall in love)
Echoes to be
Each to pass by
Are we alone here?
(I’ll be alone)
Are we alone here?

Work on the first official video for “Surreal” from Trinity & Triage is currently underway. More on that later.

Download the whole album for free from bandcamp here:

If you didn’t get enough T&T music, here is the single of “December’s Song” from Soundcloud. “December’s Song” was lyrically reconstructed based on one of the Boar’s Head Carols, “Tydynges I Bryng 3ow For to Tell,” author unknown. This obscure poem was discovered in a minstrel’s notebook from the 15th century, and no musical form of the carol has survived into modern times. It has been re-imagined by Trinity & Triage.

…and here is an exclusive you won’t find anywhere else.  Every song from the Trinity & Triage album…all at once!

Thanks for listening! Keep sharing the music and links!


Before After Again: A New Music Side Project

Before After Again: A New Music Side Project

Before After Again is a new music side project I am working on with Jason Whitcomb. Jason is also one of the Bile Brothers from our Cambium project. Before After Again is influenced by electronic, darkwave, coldwave, and post-punk sounds, just to name a few genres.

Jason and I started working on music together a couple of years ago. Since then, we have accumulated quite a few songs in our catalog. Some of our songs ended up on the Cambium album released by Overlook Hotel Records, while others are part of The Replicon Project. While we currently do not have a release date set, I have a feeling that there is already more than enough material for a full-length album of Before After Again songs.

To give you an idea of what it sounds like, have a listen to “Allison’s Gone” first. It represents the darker side of the band’s sound.

“Akron” reveals our heavier side that incorporates guitars into the mix.

I will post an update as things move forward. We have really enjoyed working on all of this new material and hope you like the new songs!

Thanks for listening,


Kevin Hartnell – “Umbra” Reissued On BandCamp

Kevin Hartnell - "Umbra"

Kevin Hartnell – “Umbra”

I have just re-issued my Umbra project from Overlook Hotel Records on BandCamp, which is a collection of ambient and dark ambient compositions. Umbra was born back in the late 90’s and was greatly inspired by my love of horror and science fiction film scores. There are no drums on this release. Some of the music may make you feel calm and relaxed while other tracks may simply give you the creeps. Some of the music was licensed for a film years back. While I don’t write as much ambient music as I used to, there is certainly more in the works.

I have also released The Dusk Single which has two of my more popular ambient tracks with percussion. These were written quite a long time ago but seem to have legs and show up in the strangest places on the web.

Both releases are available as free downloads and streaming audio. I do hope you enjoy the music!