Trinity & Triage Release New Track: “Tilting”

Trinity & Triage Release New Track: “Tilting

Trinity & Triage have released a new track today called “Tilting.” This melancholy sound of this song perfectly encapsulates the various changes going on in the lives of the band members. In particular, Ralph Feetham recently had a severe fire in his home that damaged the second floor. Fortunately due to the presence of smoke alarms and quick thinking, everyone is fine. The same cannot be said about some of the guitars. Ralph is busy trying to get things back in order and we wish him and his family all the best during the turmoil created by this horrific life event.

There are quite a few songs started by the prolific Mr. Feetham waiting for work to be done. It’s a matter of time (and lots of money) at this point.

Have a listen to “Tilting.” There are also free Trinity & Triage stickers available. If you would like one, send me a message with an address to ship it to. Thanks for listening. We greatly appreciate it!

Kevin Hartnell
Overlook Hotel Records





Trinity & Triage is:
Deanna Quijada · Vocals
Ralph Feetham · Guitars
Kevin Hartnell · Synths



Campfire Radio Theater: “Night Delivery”

Campfire Radio Theater: “Night Delivery”

The latest horror story from Campfire Radio Theater is called “Night Delivery” and is set in the 80s. The story centers around a radio station, a rookie late-night DJ, a mysterious woman in red, and some devilish music! It was a wonderful challenge to assemble music for the story drawing from the archives of Overlook Hotel Records and creating new music. Quite a bit of the music written for the show was played backwards to fit the theme of backmasking. A couple of the tracks used in the story were written by friends of mine that I also played on. Pieces of the tracks were used with their kind permission. Special thanks is due to Andrew May, Joe Bartoldus, Mike Chambers, and Mat Williams!

I also auditioned for the laugh of Satan and landed the part. John Scott Ballentine said he wasn’t interested in the stereotypical hyped-up laughter so common in horror films and the like. Instead, he wanted more of a Pink Floyd “Brain Damage” approach that is rich with madness. Rumor has it that the laughter on Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage” was actually Peter Watts, a road manager for the band at the time. So, John wanted crazy and I have that in spades!

You can also hear me playing the part of a “man on the street” being asked about the location of “Snake Eye Records.” John included some goofy outtakes at the end of the show which are pretty entertaining! If you like horror stories and quality entertainment, then the Campfire Radio Theater podcast is worth checking out. If you are also a fan of 80s rock or maybe you grew up in the 80s, you may find added entertainment value for your pleasure with this particular story. Give it a listen!

Hear are a couple of tracks heard in the show.

“Unless Until” is a beautiful, slow balled written by Mike Chambers and Andrew May.



“Drones” is by The Three Minstrels (featuring Andrew May, Joe Bartoldus, and myself).



That’s the news for today! I hope everyone has a great week!